Emsland Camp - Ausflüge in der Umgebung
Emsland Camp: Trips and activities in the area

Our camping side is in the holiday region EMSLAND close to the border of the Netherlands. There are several tourist attractions and trip destinations in Germany and in the Netherlands as well as several hiking trails, cycling routes, and geocaches. Despite the quiete location it is ideal for active guests. Here a summary of our favourite destinations:


  • Schloss Dankern

    Trips with children- Schloss Dankern: playground, minigolf, High Rope Course, Slides, swimming bathThe Schloss Dankern is located about 6 km from the EMSLAND-CAMP. It has several attractions such as indoor and outdoor playgrounds, an outdoor swimming bath, and a roller coaster – it is ideal for an exciting trip with kids. Right next to the park you can find a high rope course, a large bathing lake including a water ski course and an adventure miniature golf course.

  • Spassbad Topas

    Activities in the region Emsland - indoor swimming pool Topas Weather independent fun for kids can be found at the Spassbad Topas in Dankern (approx. 6 km). It has water slides and a large water playing ground and is lots of fun for kids.

  • Emslandring Dankern

     Emslandring: go-kart track in Haren-DankernYou can also find a go-kart track which offers lots of fun for Young and Old..

  • Funpark Meppen

    Funpark Meppen - Go-Kart, jeep, quad bike, buggy, paintball Lots of fun and activities are available at the Funpark Meppen (approx. 13 km) including tracks for jeeps, quad bikes, buggy, and go-kart as well as playing paintball.

  • Golfpark Gut Düneburg

    Golfpark Gut Düneburg Golfpark Gut Düneburg (approx. 6 km) is a beautiful and idyllic golf course affiliated with an old manor house.

  • Baggerpark Emsland

    Trips and activities near by - Baggerpark in HarenWho as a child had not the dream to drive an excavator? It is possible. You can be an excavator driver at the Baggerpark Emsland (approx. 4 km). Furthermore adults and children starting 6 years of age can drive quads bikes on an off- road track.

  • Amisia Haren

    Trips in the region Emsland - Cruise on the river Ems with the cruise vessel AmisiaTo enjoy the nature and views in the region Emsland in a very relaxed and comfortable way you can take a cruise on the river Ems with the cruise vessel Amisia Haren (approx. 10 km).

In the Netherlands

  • Veenpark

    Activities in Holland: Veenpark in Barger-Compascuum The Museum Veenpark in Barger-Compascuum provides an insight into the past. You can relive older times by visiting old, and original houses. Outstanding is also the ride with an old peat train and peat ship and the little shops are lovely.

  • Zoo Emmen

    Destinations in Holland: Wildlands Zoo EmmenOne of the most beautiful zoos in Europe is the Zoo WILDLANDS in Emmen. It is possible to observe the animals from a Jeep, by boat, or by foot. Thanks to large compounds and many free-roaming animals this zoo is worth a visit.

  • Bargerveen

    Destinations in Holland: Hiking and biking in the nature park Bourtanger Moor The International nature park Bourtanger Moor-Bargerveen offers quietness and nature. In this beautiful area it is possible to bike and hike. Additional to frogs, sheeps and cattle, many rare animals and plants can be found.

  • Monastery Ter Apel

    Destinations in Holland: Old monastery in Ter Apel The largest preserved monastery in Groningen is the monastery in Ter Apel (approx. 14 km). Beautiful architecture and varying exhibitions provide for an open meeting place.

  • Emmen

    Destinations in Holland: Emmen Emmen (ca. 20 km) a small town with about 120.000 citizens has a lovely city centre for shopping, food and drinks.

Biking, Hiking, and Geocaching

Furthermore it is possible to rent a boat and discover the area by water or to use one of the biking or hiking trails.

Another way to explore the region is to find geochaches. As well right next to the camping ground as several kilometres away many geochaches can be found. It can perfectly be combined with a walk or biketour.

Further information about tours, trips, and geochaches can be found on following websites:

Close by

Our favourite destinations in immediate surrounding can be found in our flyer.