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EMSLAND-CAMP - Platzübersicht


The story of EMSLAND-CAMP began with the family’s own potato field and the idea of creating a campsite there that would offer all the comforts you could wish for when camping: The site should offer plenty of space, cleanliness, privacy and peace and quiet, while being surrounded by blossoming nature.

After the idea had been buzzing around in the back of the mind for years, the first step was finally taken. The diggers arrived in Fehndorf and the lake was created on the potato field, still without a beach or life.

After the start, the field gradually became a real campsite: paths, pitches and our pretty Swedish houses were created with great attention to detail.

At Easter 2017, we finally got started. We started “for practice” with a small partial opening and released the first pitches, more pitches followed in autumn and our Swedish houses have finally been furnished since Easter 2018.

The next milestone came in summer 2019 with the move to our new reception building – after having to welcome our guests in a construction container for a long time.

But we are far from finished. Since receiving the GO from the city and district, we have been working flat out on our main building with wave area and hotel rooms. Our beautiful Spanish-Portuguese restaurant CABANA with a terrace on the lake celebrated its opening at Whitsun 2023.

The team

Our team now consists of many faces: In addition to reception, there are two groundskeepers, some cleaners and a few faces in the background.


We love our campsite and the many lovely guests we welcome and get to know here. When we’re not here for you, we like to sit by the lake in good weather, in the cabana or explore the area on bike tours.

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